2014 Platform

Economic Policy and Social Justice

1) Garfield County Democrats support a distinction between minimum wage and a living wage and promote changes to ensure that workers not be paid a wage that leaves them below the poverty line.

2) Garfield County Democrats resolved that economic diversity is essential to the future well-being of our County.

Health Care

1) Garfield County Democrats believe that the Affordable Care Act is a vital tool for the improvement to the health, safety and well-being of all Garfield County residents. The ACA offers all Americans the chance to obtain 'affordable' insurance however in the case Garfield County the Colorado Insurance Commission ratings place health insurance premiums in an unfairly high bracket.

Therefore Garfield County Democrats propose that health Insurance premiums in Garfield County be lowered. In addition we support a state re-designation of Garfield County away from the current ‘resort’ label. We feel it is discriminatory to be in a "resort" county policy designation.

2) Garfield County Democrats propose that the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners finish the Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment.

3) Garfield County Democrats seek to benefit the Colorado economy and wish to reduce motor vehicle pollution, therefore mass transit should connect all Colorado commercial airports and all points in between.

Energy, the Environment and Conservation:

1) Garfield County Democrats propose that renewable energy savings by county & local governments to be reinvested into renewable energy sources.

 2) Garfield County Democrats believe that our air and water qualities are in a state of decline from continual industrial and commercial use and/or introduction of pollutants from their activities to these vital resources. Air and Water qualities have been degraded by industrial and commercial activities pursuing their interests in Colorado. Technology and methods can exist to alleviate and/or prevent this damage.

Interests involved must be, by law, required to utilize such existing technology and/or methods and enforced by such State, County or Local regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction. Elected Democrts shall propose and make such law in the legislature and diligently enforce same in the executive branches

3) Garfield County Democrats do recognize, support, and believe that there is global climate change. We applaud the new air quality regulations recently adopted by the COGCC to reduce the levels of methane emitted from well sites and encourage the state of Colorado to adopt new legislation to increase the level of renewable energy produced in this state to 30% by year 2020.

4)  Garfield County Democrats resolve that our county government takes all necessary steps to protect the citizens of this county from the harmful effect of oil and gas extraction.

5) Garfield County Democrats resolve that the citizens should work to protect the water quality in western Colorado, including supporting a Wild and Scenic designation for the Crystal River. And we should encourage policies to assure in-stream flows throughout Colorado.


Civil Liberties:

1) Garfield County Democrats support and resolve to strengthen the movement to overturn the Colorado vote to ban gay marriage.


1) Garfield County Democrats resolve that the federal government put in place an acceptable path to citizenship for undocumented citizens especially those brought to this country as children. Quit talking and get something done.

Healthy Democracy:

1) Garfield County Democrats support a legislative amendment to lower the current population threshold for Colorado counties our size thereby allowing 5 county commissioners. In addition Commissioners should be elected only by the people in the district they represent.

2) Garfield County Democrats support a resolution overturning 'Citizens United' through a Constitutional Amendment. County Democrats will continue working to overturn Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court with an amendment to the Constitution reforming election funding.

3) Garfield County Democrats believe the County's Comprehensive Plan should be binding and mandatory.

4)  Garfield County Democrats propose that all elected representatives move to reform and reexamine our state's enactment of so called "Tort Reform".

5) Garfield County Democrats demand public accountability in the BOCC. All citizens should see more transparency regarding county contracts and agreements.

6) Garfield County Democrats recommend that Department of Motor Vehicles be placed under the auspices of the State Patrol for stricter control over Individual Identification. This move would help eliminate identity abuse and make this bureaucracy more professional and safe.

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